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Skygate proposals are the result of decades of experience in the airport and railway sector, designed to adapt to the customer’s corporate vocation.

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Among the four business areas in which Skygate S.p.A. has distributed its modular services for the customer, compares the sector dedicated to catering and catering. Through the new Miramare s.r.l. airport, of which Skygate S.p.A. is the reference partner has signed an 8-year contract for the management of a refreshment point. The bar-restaurant will be located inside the Torre Uffici building Epua of Rome Airports – Fiumicino Airport.

The comparison with food today is an extremely profitable one precisely because it has a complementary service to Skygate customers. But not only that: contextually, the refreshment point offered to the brand to open up to a currently unfathomed objective. The restaurant and catering business will also be conducted according to the high quality standards that are specific to Skygate. Requirements, these, which will allow the addition of a service always paying the utmost attention to the protection and protection of the environment.

Resorting to a production chain that respects both raw materials and the ultimate consumer will, once again, be the basis of the company’s philosophy. The use of compliant environments, compliance with the specific self-control system (HACCP), the periodic maintenance of plants and equipment will be just some of the principles underlying the catering service.

This decision, in addition to responding to a considerable expansion of the business, therefore described a strategic development in the services sector. The Skygate brand, in fact, will benefit from significantly greater visibility in an airport context. This implies a virtuous mechanism in which the articulated presence of the company name requires greater resonance to Skygate. Thus, by conveying the name of the company in a sector of daily use, the project allows us to see ample loyalty margins.

The provision of services among their interdependents such as those of Skygate S.p.A. therefore represented a plus for the customer, who can have access to an even wider range of possibilities. The goal for 2021 is, in fact, to extend Skygate Food’s skills to industrial catering and collateral services for client airlines.

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